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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

"There’s nothing better than carrying out a strong family business"

Robbie Erickson, son of Debbie and Steve Erickson is a third generation farmer that enjoys everything about farming. Since he was a young boy his dream was to become a farmer. Robbie's grandfather Bob Erickson, started the family farming as a raisin farmer.  However, Robbie's father Steve Erickson was the first of the family to start growing cherries. Steve and Debbie Erickson founded Erickson Farms and later began growing cherries in the year of 1988.

In 2001, Robbie branched out and started his business of Erickson Grape Harvesting, and in 2007 became Erickson Ag Services, Inc. providing multiple agricultural services. Not only does Robbie farm, but he also provides custom spraying and grape harvesting services to other farmers around the central valley. We are proud to provide our customers with our first block of ORGANIC CHERRIES. We received our CCOF certificate in 2024!!! 

We’re proud of our heritage at Erickson Ag Services, Inc. and will continue to serve our customers with the highest quality services and food. See for yourself why so many people come back to see us time and time again. You might even see the next generation at your local farmers market! 

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